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19 April 2021
par Laura-Elena Rolea

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Use our Canadian Bet Calculator below to calculate the return on your wager.

Canadian Bet Calculator

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Places Offered: Tied Position: Number of Runners in Dead Heat:
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What Is A Canadian Bet Calculator?

Gamblers days of having to work out their own odds using their own maths are over with this Canadian Bet Calculator. This Canadian Bet Calculator will allow you to enter your selections before it then will tell you how much your bet will return should all the predictions be correct.

This Canadian Betting Calculator can be useful for tallying up winnings following the result, or it can give you an estimate of how much you stand to win while your bet is live.

How To Use The Canadian Bet Calculator

The Canadian Bet Calculator is very straightforward to use. It will take just a number of seconds to complete the information that is needed. You will first need to input the odds on each selection, and then insert the type of bet and whether it is a win or each-way bet.

After this, you will need to enter your stake. The Canadian Betting Calculator will then do the maths and display the total stake and the potential winnings or returns from the bet.

Advanced Canadian Bet Calculator Functions

Once you have understood the basics with the Canadian Bet Calculator, then you can begin to explore some of the more complex functions that come with the tool.

Changing Odds Format

Everybody has a preference for reading odds. Some prefer to read them in the American style, while others prefer the fractional layout. The bet calculator will cater to everybody’s needs, as punters will be able to change the layout to whatever style suits their needs best. This can be done in the ‘Settings’ tab.

Each-Way Betting

Not everybody has a Canadian of winners. The calculator takes this into account as the punter can choose to select that they are including each-way selections. Once again, this will be found in the ‘Settings’ section. Punters can also choose the odds that they have on the place, and can add the ‘Rule 4’ information to accurately determine the winnings.

How to calculate the return on your wager with the Canadian Bet Calculator

Why Use The Canadian Bet Calculator?

The Canadian Bet Calculator should be the tool used by every punter betting on sports. It is the faultless way of working out the potential returns from bets, and it will help you to know how much you stand to win judging by the selections that have won.

Furthermore, it will ensure that you know whether the cash-out value being offered by the sportsbook is worth taking. This tool has everything necessary to become a vital part of any punters day.

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If you would like to know about other bet types and calculators that you can use, then check out our main bet calculator article. Here you will find an overview of our bet calculators for you to use.

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