Best Betting Offers for 2020!

17 January 2020
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There has been somewhat of a ‘boom’ in recent years in sports betting. This is attributed largely to the popularity of online gambling in general which has been fueled by most countries loosening the tight regulations that were previously around.

In order to help you decide on which sportsbook you should choose we have handpicked some of the best with particular reference to certain aspects which we consider most important. Here are the shining stars with the best betting offers around!

What are best betting offers?

In the online sports betting scene, not all sites are created equal. What sets them apart is the amazing offers they offer to their clients. They do so in the hope of convincing prospective punters to side with them rather than the competition.

Here you will find a compilation of, in our opinion, the best betting offers as well as the best betting promotions offered by online sportsbooks.

As can be expected some sites shine brighter than others in different aspects. As a result of this it is necessary to select which site is best in a particular category. In doing so we hope to shed light on the subject and make it easier for you to select which online sport betting site is for you.

Best Betting Offers New customer offer Promo code
MansionBet 50% up to £50
EnergyBet 100% bonus up to £50 ENERGYMAX
10Bet 50% up to £50

2% Commission on All Sports MBMAX

How we picked our best betting offers

It is not an easy task to select which site has the best betting offers since there is a multitude of factors which come into play. It goes without saying that each person will have their own views on which site has the best betting offers. It all depends on what exactly it is they’re looking for.

For some, it may be the site with the best betting promotions and for others, it may be which one has the best facilities for mobile betting. Apart from these two considerations, we will also base our analysis on the sites betting market, deposits and withdrawals as well as customer service.

Best welcome bonus: Mansion Bet

Back in 2018, when the Mansion Group announced that they would be expanding into the sports betting market, everyone was excited. The Mansion group has some serious links to the sporting industry, with many notable sponsorships from major Premier League football teams. Their move into sports betting was a smart business move, and it has certainly paid off well.

In our list of the sites with the best betting offers, Mansionbet is a top runner. However, where it shines exceptionally bright is with regards to their welcome bonus. This is easily one of the best betting promotions around and is miles ahead of the competition. This shows their intention to separate themselves from the herd into a league of their own.

Mansionbet offers new players the opportunity to kick things off to a good start with their amazing welcome offer. This applies to any new player who signs up and makes a deposit.

Mansionbet will then give you 50% of your bet, as a bonus to you. This bonus can go as high as $50 which can be used while making your initial bets. All you have to do is enter the promo code, when prompted to do so, and you will automatically be given one of the best betting offers around!. It’s as simple as that!

mansion bet welcome offer

Best Betting markets: Energy Bet

First of all, it is necessary to explain what a betting market. A betting market is a place where sportsbooks show the various odds for the outcomes of different sporting events. Each sportsbook will have their own unique market where punters can place their bets.

It is possible for a market to be very basic, such as providing odds on a particular football team to win. Or more complex, like providing odds for the number of goals that will be scored or the number of tackles that will be made. It is generally established that sportsbooks with the best sports betting offers will contain a diverse betting market.

They give punters the options of spreading their bets across various odds instead of going all or nothing on a win.

The best betting offers in terms of the betting market in our opinion is EnergyBet, who offer a huge variety of odds. For example, there is a total of 698 bets that can be made in the football category alone!

There are a number of sports which you can bet on including basketball, ice hockey, tennis, darts and even e-sports such as counterstrike and Dota. They even have the option of betting on big talent series such as Americas got Talent! They have really taken variety to the next level and it is more than welcome.

Their live betting option which allows punters to bet on current in-play events is also worth a look. The only thing which would make their service better is if they offered live streaming. But as this is a category-based analysis, EnergyBet takes the gold medal for their amazing betting markets!

energybet betting markets

Best mobile betting app: Matchbook

When it comes to sport betting, having a mobile app is a necessity. In today’s day and age people are always on the move and it may not be so convenient to access your bets via desktop. This is why mobile betting apps have been praised throughout the sport betting world.

However, simply having an app is not enough. What is equally important is to have an app that is easy to navigate, has a sleek design and is user-friendly. When looking at these characteristics one site sticks out for the best betting offers in the mobile app department, and that is Matchbook.

After conducting a complete overhaul of their main site for desktop users the software team decided to do the same with their mobile betting app. What they have done, better than any other site, is make their mobile platform extremely familiar to their desktop site users.

It just feels as if the app and the desktop version are one entity and using both of them together is seamless. What we now have is two platforms where players can access some of the best betting offers around.

In the mobile app, you can expect the same betting market, bonus and promotions and easy payment/withdrawal methods. More importantly, the design of the app is absolutely stunning. This is largely due to the fact that the team completely refurbished their desktop version which made it easier to build their app around it so that the two complement each other. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

matchbook app

Best availability to make deposits and withdrawals: 10Bet

One of the factors that are often looked passed is the deposit/withdrawal options and how they can make or break a sports betting site. When considering which site offers the best betting offers in terms of withdrawal and deposit options, we looked at the turnaround time for making deposits and withdrawals.

We also took a look at the minimum amounts for both as well as the variety of banking options available.

With all of these factors considered, 10Bet undoubtedly has the best betting offers when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals. The amount of time it takes for your deposits to reflect on your account is instant and withdrawals are extremely fast (never exceeds 5 days).

There are a total of 8 ways that punters can deposit funds into their account which includes debit cards, PayPal, wire transfer and e-wallet ( to name a few). Withdrawing funds from your account can be done in the same way as you deposited. If you choose a different method, there may be some security checks. The fact that they request certain information is good, since it shows that safety is a priority.

Verification is a standard in the industry and 10Bet is no different. The reason behind it is to protect player’s funds from fraudulent activity and provide an overall safer betting environment for all.

Most important to our decision to name 10Bet the winner of this category is the fact that they don’t charge fees for most of their deposit/withdrawal options. This is something that a lot of sportsbooks do and can be frustrating at times.

Additionally, 10Bet offers a low minimum deposit/withdrawal which makes the site far more user-friendly for first-timers who want to dip their toe in the water.

10bet Payment Methods

Best Customer service: Mansion Bet

One factor that is totally in the hands of the sportsbook is to ensure their customer service is up to scratch. A sports betting site may not be able to avoid all the problems which may arise during operations but what they can do is ensure their customer support system effectively assists their customer should any issues arise.

With this being said a sportsbook that has already featured on this list comes in again for their amazing customer service. MansionBet has the best betting offers when it comes to customer service.

It is totally clear that they are 100% in control of their customer service operations.

This has been accomplished by offering multiple mediums through which to contact them. Whether it be via telephone, email or live chat, MansionBet is always there for their loyal customers.

Their live chat is available 7 days a week and they may be contacted via their telephone line between 9 am and 1 am.

A quick search through various forums will instantly show you that they have placed customer service very high on their priority list. For our purposes, their effort to go above and beyond the call of duty is why we have rated them the best betting offers in the customer service category.

Should you wish to contact them their telephone line is 0800 279 2688 and their email address is Their response time is very quick should you choose these two methods so you need not worry about your calls for assistance going unanswered.

mansionbet customer service

FAQ about the best betting offers

There are plenty of questions about best betting offers and online betting various people ask. Below you will find all the important questions answered.

Is online betting safe?

The short answer is yes. However, this does not mean that punters should walk blindly into any site without doing their research. What needs to be clear is that the site is encrypted and that their security measures are up to the industry standards.

How do I register an account on a sports betting site?

The first step is deciding which site to choose. When you make up your mind (after considering our recommended sites above) you will be faced with a sign up process. Do not fear all the new terms that you may encounter. The usual process will involve entering your information, which includes your personal information and banking details.

The sign up process involves some form of verification which is necessary for the site to confirm that you are who you say you are and to avoid double accounts.

What are the legal requirements for sports betting?

Depending on where you are situated the rules and regulations surrounding online gambling will depend on your county’s stance towards the activity. Should betting be legal in your area there may be further restrictions on the legal age of gambling. The legal age ranges from 18-21 years old depending on where you are and sportsbooks enforce this strictly.

What should I look for in a sports betting site?

All the aspects referred to above are key factors to look out for in a casino. In summary, it is the one with the best betting sites, best betting promotions, betting markets, deposit and withdrawals, customer service as well as any other factor which you may value personally. At the end of the day, the sportsbook that is the best is the one that appeals to you personally.


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