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19 April 2021
par Laura-Elena Rolea

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Use our Lucky 15 bet calculator below to calculate the return on your wager.

Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

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What Is a Lucky 15 Bet Calculator?

A Lucky 15 betting calculator is exactly as the name suggests. It’s a tool that allows you to easily work out the potential returns of your Lucky 15 wagers. As you know, a Lucky 15 is composed of four selections covering fifteen separate bets (4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 four-fold accumulator).

This means that there are multiple permutations – each with a different payout. For instance, if your 1st selection wins, and the other three lose, you’ll be paid out for that 1 single (plus a one winner consolation bonus). However, if selections 1 and 2 both win, you bag 2 singles and 1 double.

The payout varies again if only selections 1 and 3 wins (if the odds are different between selections 2 and 3).

How to Use the Lucky 15 Bet Calculator?

It’s very simple to use our Lucky 15 betting calculator. Below we’ll run through the basics and then move on to some of the advanced features you can tinker with.

  1. Select the odds type. By default, these are generally in fractions, but you can change to decimal or American odds if preferred.
  2. Input the odds for each of your four selections.
  3. Type in the stake per bet or the total stake. Remember, a Lucky 15 is fifteen separate bets.
  4. With this data inserted, your expected returns will be shown.
  5. You can then alter the permutations by changing the outcome. For instance, if you have selections 1, 3, and 4 as winners, but change selection 2 to a loser, the total payout will be recalculated.

Advanced Lucky 15 bet Calculator Functions

Getting to grips with the basics will only take a few minutes, and that will give you a fairly good idea of how much money you’re likely to win. However, for a more accurate calculation, you need to set the advanced Lucky 15 bet calculator functions correctly.

All Winners Bonus

Most bookies give an all winners bonus on Lucky 15 wagers. This is usually between 10 and 20%. When you type this amount in, you’ll see the total returns figure increase. This is what you will get paid if all four selections are correct.

Rule 4

This only applies to horse racing Lucky 15 bets. Rule 4 is the deduction made if a horse is withdrawn from the race. You’ll notice our Lucky 15 calculator has this advanced feature. We strongly advised using it for all horse bets.

One Winner Consolation

One of the reasons Lucky 15 bets are so popular is because many bookmakers offer a bonus if you only get one winner. This may be double, or even triple odds. Insert this and then check the individual payouts by adjusting the winners/losers in the main calculator.

How to calculate the return on your wager with the Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

Why Use the Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

It makes sense to use a bet calculator for your Lucky 15s because of all the different payouts that are possible. Most experienced bettors use them to check that they will make a profit by landing a least two selections. This is crucial because you are placing 15 bets. If the odds are too low, you may not be in profit unless you select 3 winners. The calculator can help guide you in this area.

Also, you can use the Lucky Fifteen together with betting promotions, in order to increase the total profit of your total stake:

Bet365 Bonus Code

William Hill Promo Code

Betfred Promo Code

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